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Get the brows of your dreams! Microblading is a New Eyebrow Enhancement Technique, which has been around for years in China. This treatment creates tiny lines that look like individual hairs in or order to fill out or reshape the eyebrow.

Why you need it?

Microblading will help enhance your feature, and bring dimension to your face. Microblading helps fill in thinning, undefined brows and gives them a fuller, more symmetric appearance. I will determine the best brow shape and style for your face, and will then customize a hair color that flatters your features. We will work together to create the Brows your desire, and best suited for your face.

What’s the process?

I use a hand-held skin pen that deposits ink into the skin, creating very fine, precise strokes that mimic natural eyebrow hair.

What will be the result?

Microblading creates a natural, symmetric eyebrow that saves time from applying brow wax on a daily basis. Semi-permanent makeup paired with my unique artistry guarantees soft, natural looking eyebrows. Semi-permanent makeup appears more natural looking than topically applied cosmetics tattoo eyebrow. You’ll look your best without investing time in the mirror each and every day, trying to create a brow.

How long will the results last?

Results can last 12-18 months with REGULAR touch ups.

Is Microblading painful?

There is moderate discomfort associated with microblading, even when the brow area is numb.  Upon application of additional numbing cream, the pain will decrease.

What should I expect after the procedure?

Healing will take 7-10 days.  The pigment will appear very dark immediately after the procedure, and when lighten within a week.  There will be mild to moderate flaking, redness and itching around day four....this is normal.  Once the area is healed, the color will have faded about 40-50%. It is IMPORTANT you  return for your perfecting touch-up in 4-6 weeks, to complete your Microblading Enhancement.

Pre-Conditions to be aware of:





Serious Disease

Circulatory Disorders

Blood Thinning Medications

Bleeding Disorders

Skin Diseases

Botox with 2 Months

Broken Capillary 


Waxing (3 week wait)

Using Accutane or Retinoids (6 month wait)


Message or call today to take your beauty enhancement to the next level.

You will be provided with: consent forms, before and after care forms before consultation.

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